Garden District Community Garden


Community Garden 3-web The Garden District now has a Community Garden. The last few weeks have been busy. A community garden has been dreamed, developed, and planted on the side of the Jewish Temple on Turner Street. It has become a focal point within this neighborhood. The community garden was developed as a collaborative effort of the Jewish Temple, YWCA, Garden District Neighborhood Foundation, and The Good Food Project. It is a culmination of a dream from several members of the small but strong Garden District Community.

Community Garden 6-webThe garden is open to all residents of the garden district. Whether you would enjoy working in a garden or just want to socialize with your fellow neighbors, the space is yours to appreciate. The garden began with six raised beds that are 3 feet wide by 6 feet long. These first six are open to all members of our community to help cultivate. An expansion of the garden will begin August 1st to allow members of our community to lease their own plot of land for $35.00 per year. The Garden District Community Garden Group is currently seeking donations to make this garden the best that it can be. If you would like to donate towards the garden, a website has been set up at to accept donations. You can purchase tools, dirt, plants, mulch, and many other items to assist in this project.

Community Garden 4-webIf you would like to participate in this project either monetarily or just by volunteering to work the garden, you may contact the group at or on Facebook at GardenDistrictCommunityGarden. It’s a beautiful way for the community to reach out and get to know their neighbors. There are a ton of benefits of community gardens—from health and cultural opportunities to economic growth, food production and many more!