Finding Your Happy Place

Finding Your Happy Place
Rev. Henry Williams, Jr.

The Bible speaks of in the book of Revelation, chapter one, verse four of the Church located in Ephesus of Asia Minor leaving its first love.  In the original Greek writing of Biblical scripture, the writer uses the Greek word protos, which we have translated to our English word “first”.  This word “protos” means beginning or alpha. So the Lord says to the Ephesus church that they had abandoned their alpha love.  A fixed law of existence is that all things have a beginning, except the Creator of all things. Resting on the premise resulting from the truth of the written speech of God—the Bible—mankind’s creation was stamped with the approval of the Maker with “Good”. What’s suggested here is the idea of a wellness that equalizes the entire human makeup.   In that in our origin, we began the human journey with an internal balance, which has its roots in the eternal breath of God, all people have within them the proto-human.  The proto-human was the person that existed in a perfectly balanced state of mind, body and soul. Stabilized by the Originator, the alpha-persons found their completeness in an inter will, which maintained a consistently balanced connection to the source of creation.  Existing in the trichotomy of mind, body and soul, is the imperative for total harmony for people, aligned in their understanding of the necessary relationship with God.  For total and equal happiness, this relationship had to be kept, to sustain the internal joy that every human needs to survive.


The farther we are removed from God, the more out of sync the trichotomy becomes.  We are living today in a world where everyone is seeking peace and happiness.  In all areas of life, people are looking for the place of happiness that ultimately ushers us into a balance between life and lifestyle.  Unfortunately, we usually wake up to an unbalance of mind, body and soul where one or some parts of the whole is not functioning with the other.  The lack of unity in the three is found in a clear mind, while an aching body exists. Another example is a strong body with a discouraged soul.  The overall reveals that when one is off, then the whole person is off. 


We are instructed by Scripture to let the mind of Christ be in us.  The Apostle St. Paul wrote in his letter to the Church located in Philippi of Macedonia, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.”  The meaning of the word “mind” is his original writing suggested the entertainment of the mind; or self-interest.  What the Bible is teaching us is to entertain our thinking with those things of Christ.  However, we suffer mentally because our thinking does not properly entertain our minds with healthy thoughts.  Unhealthy thoughts disturb the balance of the trichotomy.  Also, we are taught that our bodies are the temple of God’s Holy Spirit.  The Creator dwelled with us in the alpha state of mankind.  It is this indwelling of God’s Spirit that motivates us to maintain the body because it is God’s dwelling place in us.  Thirdly, the Bible states that God is Spirit, and all worshippers of Him must do so in Spirit and in truth.  Sincere worship of God comes from the soul of people to the Throne of God.  Because of the work of Christ in His vicarious death, we as people now have access to heaven’s throne. 


In our quest to find our happy place, it should be understood that it does not exist in the unhappy tangible things of this world.  In seeking total wellness of mind, body and soul, we must look to the same place mentioned in Psalms 121.  “I lift up my eyes to the hills; where does my help come from?   My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.”


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