Eye Examinations Before Year’s End

Eye Examinations Before Year’s End
Dr. Phillip L. Carney, Jr.

As this year comes to an end, make sure you take advantage of all of your healthcare benefits.  For some, that means spending pre-tax dollars that are set aside for healthcare.  Many vision insurance plans renew on a calendar year basis.  If you are in such a plan, this means if you don’t use the benefit, you lose it for the year.  Most vision insurance plans will only cover one exam and materials (glasses, contacts) per year.  Some plans provide flexible spending programs and pre-tax dollars for health care plans.  These types of plans usually end on the last day of the calendar year, and the benefit is lost if not used.  If you are unsure of your coverage, your insurance company can tell you if you are eligible for benefits and when the plan is renewed.  Glasses and contact lenses are a good way to “use up” these dollars if you are in such a plan.


If you haven’t had your eyes examined already this calendar year, it would be a great idea to have it done before the end of the year.  This helps getting the most out of insurance or tax incentive programs.  More importantly, it helps maintain good eye health.


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