Easy Fruit Salad


All of us know that eating fruits is a good habit to develop, but adding lots of sugar is not a good way to use the fruit. This simple recipe has sugar, but not as much as some other recipes (since you drain the juice from the fruit, and most sugar goes with the juice). The peach pie filling acts as the dressing for this delicious salad, and doesn’t add too many calories or sugar. Try it and see for yourself.


1 (8 Ounce) Can Pineapple Chunks, Drained
1 (21 Ounce) Peach Pie Filling
1 (11 Ounce) Can Mandarin Oranges, Drained
1 (10 Ounce) Package Frozen Sliced Strawberries
1 Cup Green Grapes
1 Cup Sliced Bananas (About 2 Medium Bananas)


Combine all ingredients, except bananas. Chill until ready to serve. Just before serving, fold in sliced bananas.  Enjoy!