Easter Egg Hunting and Resurrection


It was a little early for Easter egg hunting but two of my grandkids were spending the night and the grocery store had just put out their display. An impromptu idea was born.

Easter Egg Hunting and ResurrectionOne of my favorite holiday traditions growing up had been hunting for our Easter baskets with clues Mom had written to have us excitedly deciphering and searching the house for our woven overflowing packages of chocolate and toys. Another had been dyeing hard-boiled eggs at the kitchen table with my little sister. We hunted them along with the plastic eggs I’d opted to hide this time. There’s nothing worse than finding an overlooked actual egg in September.

By the time the boys had arrived, I’d stuffed two dozen plastic eggs with toys and coins and hidden them around the house, along with two Bluey prize eggs. I was excited; I am an overgrown child. This childlike mentality made me a great parent. This childlike mentality also made me a terrible parent. In true Goldilocks fashion, I’ve discovered I’m just right as a grandparent. My grandsons excitedly tore through the house searching for treasures just like the generations before them.

Traditions are fun, whether they are old or new. Sometimes, a change to our traditions is needed. Change is essential for growth. But we don’t have to go back to a sterile drawing board or wait for differing perspectives to die off. We just have to assess which traditions to keep and which to part with. Otherwise, you turn into an emotional hoarder who’s slave to sentiment.

I’ve struggled with this often. I want to keep the old and the new. I try to juggle many plates and then cry when they drop and break. I also cry when I’m unable to keep doors open that God is shutting. I’ve always related to Jeremiah; I assumed the weeping came with the fire. I recently published an article on assumptions. I should’ve paid closer attention to my own words. The sorrow is self-inflicted when you try to live a life both for Christ and for yourself. To die is gain and we receive so much more when we lay down our lives for Him.

Dye and hunt the eggs or dip your hollow chocolate bunny ears in a jar of peanut butter this Easter. Just make sure you share with others the message of resurrection. Jesus rose from the dead and went on to do miraculous things in the Holy Spirit. Imagine what this community would be like if we all did the same.