Dr. David Holcombe Featured at River Oaks


Dr. David Holcombe Featured at River OaksDr. David Holcombe has been painting off and on for 45 years.  His mother, who was herself an artist, recognized his talent and encouraged him to take Saturday morning drawing classes.  He pursued his interest at the University of California at Davis in the seventies and rubbed elbows with such greats as Wayne Thiebaud, Robert Arneson, William T. Wiley, Roy DeForest and others.  While pursuing a medical career in Belgium, he continued to paint, something a passion he continued after returning to the United States with his wife, Nicole.

After moving to Alexandria, where they raised their four boys, Dr. Holcombe began painting more prolifically in 1992.  Since that time, his works have found their way into many juried shows in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas.  His paintings are in collections all over the United States and Europe.  He adopts a cartoon-like style and chooses subjects from our daily existence.  Certain themes, such as social violence, war and politics remain constant inspirations.  He also includes portraits which commemorate people who have contributed to the world, whether they be local and contemporary or far away and from another time.

While continuing his painting, he has also compiled and published two collections of short stories, “Like Honored and Trusted Colleagues” and “Cappuccino at Podgorica.”  Many of his short plays have been produced locally by Spectral Sisters Productions.  He and his wife actively collect local artists, known and unknown.  Their collection has been featured at Louisiana College, and the Meadows Museum of Art at Centenary College in Shreveport.

Dr. Holcombe believes that art must have a magical balance of technique and passion, something he hopes to capture in each and every work.  He contends that art should challenge the eye as well as the intellect and that if you are buying art to match your couch, you are missing the point.

Dr. Holcombe’s “Vision and Visionary” will be on display in the Bolton Davis gallery through July 10th.  Also showing will be Hiu Yan Mak’s “9 Years” in the Galerie des Amis and Jeremy Jones’ “New Work” in the Stokes-Harris Gallery.  For more information on these exhibits, please contact River Oaks Square Arts Center at (318) 473-2670.