Disease of the Retina: Significant Vision Loss Possible

Disease of the Retina: Significant Vision Loss Possible
Dr. Phillip L. Carney, Jr.

The retina is the delicate thin tissue that lines the inner surface of the back part of the eye.  This tissue is directly connected to the brain, and transfers light signals to provide vision.  Disease of the retina is often serious, and can lead to partial or total blindness.  All human retinas have a certain look, and should look healthy and normal regardless of needing glasses or not.  Retinopathy (disease of the retina) can be a complication of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a host of other systemic illness.

The only way retinal disease can be detected is by a thorough retinal exam.  This is performed either by dilating the eyes or using digital cameras that can view the retina without dilation.  The key for correcting many retinal problems such as retinal detachments, tears or holes in the retina is having treatment performed as soon as possible for the best visual outcome.  Some diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure are initially detected through retinal examination.

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