Creating An Oasis At Home


LHC-1-webMost of us would agree that we’d like our home to be our refuge from the frantic pace of life.  You can achieve that goal by following six helpful steps to create the outdoor oasis you’ve always dreamed of.


Create a sense of Privacy—Create a feeling of intimacy and privacy for relaxing and entertaining by installing either a privacy fence (Wooden, Vinyl, Stone, Brick, etc.) or a green fence (Shrubs).  This will serve to block noise and increase privacy.  If going with a green fence, large upright types of shrubs like Nellie Stevens Holly, Japanese Yew, Boxwood, or Little Gem Magnolia are great.


LHC-2-webUtilize Flooring—Create a floor for your outdoor room with adding hard floor of some type such as stained concrete, flagstone, pavers, or wooden decking.  Try using different types of material and levels to attain more impact in the division of spaces within your backyard or courtyard, such as a raised deck for the grill or stepping down into the seating area. This will greatly increase your living space by allowing you to place outdoor furniture for lounging, entertaining, and dining al fresco.  As well as being beautiful and functional, it will reduce your costs of lawn maintenance and increase your property value. Who doesn’t want that?


Think Green—Plantings and plant choices make all the difference between an uninviting yard and a lush paradise.  Think of a New Orleans courtyard or an upscale hotel pool area to get inspiration.  Different heights, arrangements and textures add interest as well as the use of flower beds, pots, planters, wall hangings, and climbing vines to cover privacy fences. Rotate your color scheme with annual color as the seasons change.


Light It Up—There are virtually limitless options on the market now for lighting your outdoor space.  Lighting creates mood, ambiance, and functionality to your space by allowing you to really use it at night. With the right lighting, your oasis can really be out of this world.


LHC-3-webMake it Inviting—Outdoor furniture has really come a long way in the past few years.  Consider what you will be using your space for and take measurements before shopping for furniture.  Will you have a lot of friends over, relaxing, entertaining? Maybe a set of furniture with a couch and ottoman are right for you.  What about dining? Is your space big enough for a single large table or do you need to consider café tables?  There are all types to fit your aesthetic—country, modern, traditional, rustic. Just like your annual color plantings, you can change up the cushions on your furniture to get an updated look. As with anything, shop for quality in purchasing your outdoor furnishings.  Now is a great time for deals as the seasons are about to change.


Enjoy—Fire Pits equal friends, family, and fun!  There is nothing like a roaring fire to make you feel warm, cozy, and alive!  And there is no better way to get months more enjoyment out of your outdoor living space that a fire pit.  Just imagine all of the nights you will spend gathered around yours in your beautiful oasis roasting marshmallows, laughing, sharing precious moments with family and friends.


For more information on creating the Outdoor Oasis of your dreams, call Louisiana Horticulture at (318) 767-1186.