Corn is King in June


June in Avoyelles is a time of freedom for children who are released from schoolwork for a short spell. Not to worry, however, there are plenty of educational things to do to keep the young minds busy, and learning. The second weekend in June is the date for the Louisiana Corn Festival hosted by the city of Bunkie, to celebrate corn, which is a major agricultural crop for area farmers. This celebration, which touches all of the town of Bunkie, is centered around Haas Auditorium, and the surrounding grounds. Corn is the star of the event. Corn will be served boiled, grilled or cooked in wonderful, creative dishes, such as stew, casseroles and even desserts. The favorite has to be the freshly boiled, buttered, golden corn-on-the-cob. Every business and most homes will be decorated with ears of corn and the beloved Scarecrow, which keeps crows from eating the corn in the field.  Pageants, with beautiful corn queens, kings and princesses, provide the royalty, along with the Corn Farmer of the Year award winner. Crafts booths, with souvenir corn crafts, t-shirts, posters and other items provide novelty. Vendor booths provide not only boiled corn, but many other delicious treats. Games and contests include pirogue races in Bayou Boeuf, kite flying and, of course, corn shucking and corn eating opportunities. For more information, call the Bunkie Chamber of Commerce, at (318) 346-2575.

July 4th is the time for celebrating our precious freedom with parades and fireworks. The oldest continuous parade in the state will be staged in Marksville, with a wonderful parade, political speeches, fabulous fireworks and great food treats. For more information, call the Marksville Chamber of Commerce at (318) 253-9222.

For more information on Avoyelles Parish, contact us at the Avoyelles Commission of Tourism. Write to us at 8592 Highway 1, Suite 3, Mansura LA 71350. Call Mary, Sara, Earline, Marie or Wilbert Carmouche, Tourism Director, at (800) 833-4195, or call us locally at (318) 253-0585; or visit us at or e-mail us at