Cenla’s Best Dressed


Cenla's Best Dressed

From hectic works schedules to PTA meetings to running successful businesses or whatever your typical day entails, it’s a challenge to look your best every day.  We’ve asked some of the best known clothiers and haberdashers in our area to recognize a small group of Cenla-ians who are widely regarded as going that extra mile to look great each and every day. With so many fashion-forward Cenla-ians these days, it’s impossible to recognize them all.  So, in that spirit, if you have someone in mind we may have missed, add your personal nominees to our list in the comments section below and tell us why they’re among Cenla’s Best Dressed!


 Cenla's Best DressedGlenda Stock
St. Johns, Ann Fontaine, Carolina Herrera

“I have a passion for fashion and I believe clothes speak volumes about a person.”



Cenla's Best Dressed


T.W. Thompson
Coppley, Scott Barber, Allen Edmond

“Being well dressed is important for self-respect and portraying myself to the citizens of Alexandria in such a way as to inspire the confidence that is required of my position as a public official.”



Cenla's Best Dressed Jolie Shine
J.Crew, Tory Burch, Christian Louboutin

“My job requires that I wear scrubs all the time.  So when I do get the chance, I like to get dressed up.”





Cenla's Best Dressed







Rev. C.J. Bell
Botany 500, Maltos, Stacy Adams

“I dress well because I like the attention it brings.  I like the compliments people give me each day.”


 Cenla's Best Dressed

Rosa Fields
Calvin Kline, J.Jill, I.N. Studio

“I dress well to feel the best about myself. I would never go out not looking right.”



Cenla's Best Dressed







Darrel D. Ryland
Canalli, Robert Talbot, Zegna

“I’ve always taken pride in how I look.”


 Cenla's Best Dressed

Kellie Wilson Peyton
Coco Chanel, BCBG, Joy Joy

“I like to dress well because a woman should be two things—classy and fabulous.”





 Cenla's Best Dressed





Ralph Sisco
Hickey Freeman, Jack Victor, Samuelsohn

“When we were young, we were very poor. My mother was a seamstress who would make our clothes out of any fabric available to her, including feed sacks.  She taught me how to spot great fabrics and an appreciation for well constructed clothes.”

 Cenla's Best Dressed

Sheranda Baillio Smith
Theme of L.A., Stella & Dot

“I’ve always been interested in fashion, so I like to stay in style.”






Cenla's Best Dressed






Tom David
Zegna, Canalli, Castagna

“My dad always said, ‘Our clients deserve the respect of a respectable man.  A respectable man expects you to dress.’  I find that a suit always boots your confidence level.


Cenla's Best Dressed Lisa Neely
Talbots, Ann Taylor, Evan Picone

“Dressing nicely is something that I do for myself each day.  I have a very busy schedule, and it helps me get the day started off right.”





Cenla's Best Dressed







Dr. Lawrence Menache
Ralph Lauren, Jeff Nichols, Bataglia

“You have to dress the package the best way you can.”



Cenla's Best Dressed

Kheli Durand Tudor
BCBG, local vintage labels

”I believe being well dressed reflects who you are as a person.”






Cenla's Best Dressed







Richard J. Arsenault
Zegna, Canali, Zanella

“First impressions are critical.  Studies show we make decisions about people within the first few seconds of meeting them, and how you dress factors prominently into that dynamic.”




Cenla's Best Dressed

DeeAnn Burns Bass
Marc Jacobs, BCBG, Kenneth Cole

“I dress well because it makes me feel good!”






Cenla's Best Dressed







Raymond Rosenthal
Canalli, Jack Victor, Robert Talbot

“Although it’s a challenge, I dress both for business and because I enjoy it.”


Cenla's Best Dressed

 Joy Hodges
Oscar de la Renta, Chris Cole, Escada

“I like to dress well so I can look great for my family.”




Cenla's Best Dressed







Greg O’Quin
Scott Barber, Canalli, Allen Edmonds

”In my line of business, I have got to look my best every day.”



Cenla's Best Dressed

Skye Vaughn
Diane Von Furstenburg, BCBG, Christian Louboutin

“I dress up so I can feel good about myself!”