CASA Volunteer Shelby Menina


CASA Volunteer Shelby MeninaShelby Menina became a volunteer for Rapides CASA in November of 2010. She stated that she has always had an interest in being an advocate and felt that the timing was right for her.

Shelby’s interest working with children has always been a passion and she wants to be a voice for children. In her autobiography, she stated, “We as a society have the obligation to keep our children safe.”

Shelby shared that having the opportunity to work with less fortunate children has been very fulfilling for her. In her words “it’s all about the kids”.  Shelby is currently serving children on two separate cases. She is very dedicated to her advocacy for them.

CASA Volunteer Shelby MeninaFor information on how you can become a Court Appointed Special Advocate, call Rapides CASA at (318) 445-5678.