CASA Volunteer: Jane Riche’


CASA Volunteer: Jane Riche’Mrs. Jane Riche’ first became aware of the issues that many foster children face when her oldest daughter became a foster mother to two young girls. The experience increased her desire to give back to the community by helping children who are currently in foster care. Mrs. Riche’ then decided that CASA would be the perfect agency to work with to fill her desire to help. Her motto is: “Every child should be given the opportunity to grow up feeling safe and secure. This will enable them to become confident adults with positive outlooks on what they can one day become.” Mrs. Riche’ accepted her first CASA appointment in July, 2010 and is enjoying the experience thus far.

CASA Volunteer: Jane Riche’Jane Riche’ hails from Bunkie, Louisiana where she lives with her husband of 34 years. She has two children and two grandchildren. She currently works at Avoyelles Hospital as an Admissions Supervisor.

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