CASA Volunteer: Gloria Wall


CASA Volunteer: Gloria WallGloria Wall is a relatively new CASA volunteer, but she is not new to working with children who have special needs. She has a Master of Education degree plus thirty hours in Special Education.  Gloria has taught children in the first, second and third grades, A. P. E., resource/inclusion, mild/moderate, severe/profound and autistic students in various settings.  She also holds a sports certification from the Special Olympics program for volunteer coach/athletics and participated in that program for twenty years. Gloria retired in 2008 after 32 years of teaching and helping students.

Gloria had been interested in being a CASA volunteer for a few years before taking the leap. She anticipated that being a CASA volunteer would allow her to improve a child’s quality of life by ascertaining that child’s specific needs, making the needs known to the proper professionals and making certain that those needs are met. She was recently working two cases concurrently.

CASA Volunteer: Gloria WallIn one such case, Gloria has made such a positive impression on a foster family that she has interacted with, that the foster family contacted our office. The Gillams family felt inclined to share with us their gratitude for appointing Gloria to children in their home. Mrs. Gillam stated that Gloria has gone above and beyond to ensure that the children placed with them receive every service available to them. 

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