CASA Volunteer Dennis Ward


CASA Volunteer Dennis WardDennis Ward has been a CASA volunteer since the spring of 2011.  He has spent his adult life serving our country, or serving the local community in some capacity. He was an officer and fighter pilot in the Air Force for 21 years, and then taught and coached at Holy Savior Menard for all or part of 10 school years. 

Following his retirement, he felt like something was missing.  Dennis states, “I wanted and personally needed to do some good outside of myself.  I have a cousin who is a CASA Volunteer in Seattle, WA. She told me about what she did as a volunteer, and I immediately thought that it would be an opportunity to do some good.”  Prior to becoming an advocate, Dennis became a member of Krewe CASA to lend support in that way.

“What does being a CASA Volunteer mean to me? Children, as a group, are our most valuable asset.  Each individual child is so important; within him or her is the potential for greatness, success, happiness,” explains Dennis.  Being a CASA Volunteer, Dennis hopes to make a difference for children so they can emerge from the life situation they are in, and become great, successful and happy.

CASA Volunteer Dennis WardIf you would like more information on becoming a CASA volunteer, please contact our office at (318) 445-5678.