CASA Volunteer Carmen Lashney

CASA Volunteer Carmen Lashney
Carmen Lashney

Carmen Lashney is a new CASA volunteer currently working her first case, and a paralegal by profession.  She and her husband are working to raise his sixteen-year-old daughter whom Carmen considers her own.  She learned about CASA from the mother of one of her stepdaughter’s friends, and from time to time she would hear of the work that CASA does.  After careful consideration, she decided to become a volunteer and attend the training.

Volunteering has been an important mission for Carmen. She and her husband and daughter worked with the refugees from Hurricane Katrina, setting up a nursery for the children in the shelter which was a wonderful experience for all involved.  She and her husband are sensitive to the needs of the children in their neighborhood as well.

CASA Volunteer Carmen LashneyCarmen hopes to be able to help children in need.  She feels that children are innocent and do not have the ability to speak for themselves.  They often need someone to stand up for them.  She hates to hear of children who are hurt, abused or neglected.  Carmen wants to be a CASA volunteer who will benefit children in need, and she has begun to do just that.

For more information about Rapides Court Appointed Special Advocates, call the CASA office at (318) 445-5678.