Back Porch Comedy Comes To The Kress


Spectral-webSpectral Sisters Productions will present the 2015 Ten Minute Play Festival at the Hearn Stage in the Kress Building from June 18th through 21st.  This year, the theme is “Back Porch Comedy”.  Seventeen playwrights submitted works from which eight plays were chosen by two out-of-town playwrights.


This year’s lucky winners are:  “First Date Ending Badly” by John Wilson (directed by Allen Rowlen), “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Melissa Savage (directed by Nys Weimar), “Grave Love” by Jared Abraham (directed by Alana Pate), “The Great Florida Burmese Python Snake Hunt” by Allen Rowlen (directed by Doan Moran), “The Last Patient” by Phillip Hogan (directed by Jim Weinzettle), “Private Passion” by Jim Weinzettle (directed by Bob Savage), “The Prospect” by David Sobel (directed by Allen Rowlen) and “Speech Writing” by David Holcombe (directed by Julie Beene).


Although all the action takes place on or near a back porch, the comedic elements range from slapstick to downright macabre.  The diversity in the plays reflects the diversity of the playwrights who come from Shreveport, Natchitoches, Marksville and Alexandria and who range from students all the way to retirees.  Allen Rowlen performs the duties of festival coordinator, a significant challenge with so many plays, directors and performers.


Spectral Sisters Logo-webCome and share in the fun at the Kress Building in downtown Alexandria at 7:30pm on June 18th through 20th and at 2:30pm on Sunday, June 21st.  As always with Spectral Sisters, there is some adult language and subject matter, so parental discretion is advised.  All tickets are $10.00 and can be purchased at the door or through  Enjoy the talent of Central Louisiana writers, actors, directors and technical staff.