Avoid Summer Learning Loss


Make Sylvan part of your summer schedule and keep your child from losing as much as 2 ½ months of learning! The average summer vacation lasts about 12 weeks, during which time million of children have little or no enriching or reinforcing academic experiences. When young minds sit idle for these three months, the result is a phenomenon known as “summer learning loss.” Because of these learning losses, teachers must often spend the first six to eight weeks of the school year–roughly 22% of the year—re-teaching forgotten information to students instead of teaching new information and skills.

In a study conducted by Harris Cooper, Professor of Psychological Sciences at the University of Missouri, summer learning loss for all children reviewed on average equaled at least one month of instruction as measured by grade equivalents on reading and math standardized test scores combined. On average, students lost approximately 2.6 months of grade level equivalence in the mathematical computation over the summer months! That’s scary!

Turn summer into a learning gain! Let Sylvan design a personalized program of mastery, motivation and positive reinforcement for your child in reading, math, writing or study skills. Check out our online resources for reading, writing or math activities at www.sylvanlearning.com or www.bookadventure.org. Enroll your child in an interactive, small group instruction Sylvan Summer Camp. And, of course, have a great Summer as a family!

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