Artists of A Feather Still Flock Together!


Artists of A Feather Still Flock Together!When people travel the country, they sometimes run into old friends in faraway places. When Kimberly Brannon travels, she runs into her own art on occasion—and not just where one expects to find art, like the permanent collections of The Des Moines Metro Opera or the Newson Art College. Her work can be found in corporate offices, hotels and doctors offices from Louisiana to New York—it has even been spotted in nationally televised shows, such as Trading Spaces and MTV’s Cribs, and on the silver screen at the Tribeca Film Festival.


It is fair to say that Brennan has had quite a few studio spaces over the years—some at home, some in solitude away from home. When she encountered the environment at River Oaks however, with other artists busily creating their works in adjacent spaces, the inspiration was hard to fathom for the seasoned artist. “I couldn’t have imagined how much being in the presence of other artists has inspired me. The shows have pushed me to expand the boundaries of what I’d normally do; it’s a refreshing change from the daily grind,” says the artist in her River Oaks Studio. “This environment is incredible!”


“Most artists can’t imagine what being at River Oaks is like,” says Aubrey Bolen, Artistic Director for River Oaks. “We are somewhat of a melting pot for talent—artists collaborate, share tips and tricks, and often there is a visible influence on their individual work. We can definitely claim to have more creative energy per square foot than most other places in the state.”


Born into a Southern Louisiana family of artists, Kimberly Brennan was encouraged to follow her talent and vision of becoming an artist. After obtaining a BFA in printmaking from the Louisiana State University in 1994, Kimberly taught children’s art classes before continuing her own education at Arizona State University.


Brennan describes her inspiration: “I enjoy being outside either with my camera, hiking or gardening. These activities give me time to reflect on the beauty of nature and the simple joy in a flower. I can then capture that incredible experience into my mixed-media paintings.” She adds, “I consider myself blessed that I’ve been able to make a living doing what I love. I get lost in the process, I enjoy envisioning pieces in my head and facing the challenge of bringing them into existence.”


Artists of A Feather Still Flock Together!River Oaks Square Arts Center is pleased to encourage local art fans to stop by and view the work of Kimberly Brennan and other resident artists. From impressive paintings to stunning photographs, their work can be admired and purchased Tuesday through Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm, and on Saturdays from 10:00am to 2:00pm. As an added bonus, visitors will often run into artists in the hall and get an impromptu “gallery talk” for free.