Art Walks, Talks and Lives in Alexandria


Art Walks, Talks and Lives in AlexandriaThis fall, River Oaks Square Arts Center will introduce “Art,” a wonderful, whimsical ambassador for the arts who is sure to charm everyone he meets. His birth is conveniently timed to coincide with ArtWalk, the downtown celebration of the arts set for October 15th.   Actually a life-size sculpture carved from wood, Art will be a bit like the ubiquitous Waldo (of “Where’s Waldo” fame) who pops up everywhere, even in places where you least expect him.  Don’t be surprised if you discover Art noshing at your favorite restaurant, loitering in a hospital lobby or standing in line at your neighborhood bank.

As “Art” travels around town, people will be encouraged to “be a part of Art” by signing his book and having their pictures made as “Art”.  Local venues interested in hosting Art will be able to schedule visits at their locations.  “We thought this would be a fun way to promote the arts in Cenla,” said Rachael Dauzat, director of River Oaks.  “Sometimes we don’t appreciate the diversity and quality of the art and artists we have in this community. We hope that the character of ‘Art’ will serve to remind people of what we have here, and the importance of all forms of art in our lives.”

Art Walks, Talks and Lives in AlexandriaThe idea of personifying the concept of “Art” into a character was hatched by a board member of River Oaks, said Dauzat. She hopes the project will be both entertaining and educational for all who cross paths with “Art.”  “We will have t-shirts, bags and bumper stickers celebrating ‘Art’, as well as special projects that will be developed to accompany his appearances around town,” Dauzat explained.  All of which can be purchased at River Oaks Square Arts Center.  A storybook detailing Art’s travels might also evolve, as well as other spin-off activities.