Art at LSUA

Art at LSUA
Prof. Roy DeVille

We are winding up a very successful semester at LSUA.  The facilities of the new MPAC Building have afforded us the opportunity to offer studio courses that were not possible in the old building. This semester, we had classes in ceramics and film photography.


The ceramics class has been busy this semester creating all sorts of objects, firing and glazing in the new electric kilns. The students explored making clay flutes and ocarinas. The designs are varied, each one unique. A clay flute is basically a pipe with holes and a slanted mouth. But ocarinas can take many shapes from animals to abstract designs.


Our next unit of study was the making of face pots, harkening back to the old Appalachian tradition of outsider art. Retired professor Dr. Greg Gormanous visited the class and shared with us his collection of face pots. I have been amazed at the creativity that has gone in to these works. Some are frightening; some are funny! But each one is quality representation of the style.


The film photography class has explored the different techniques of the medium with emphasis on the tradition of photography within our culture. After preliminary instruction on the mechanics of using the camera, students embarked on a series of projects designed to explore various subjects. Ten projects were assigned, covering such topics as animals, people working, landscape, architecture, and portrait. We ventured into the style of hand coloring by using a touch of color on black and white photographs. All in all, the photographs are quite good and I am very proud of the students’ work in this class.


We plan to have art exhibits on campus during the summer school sessions. The pottery will be exhibited in the glass cases on the first floor of the MPAC Building. The building is open during normal school hours, so please come by and see the exhibit.


Art at LSUAThis fall, we will again offer ceramics. The course will be designed to combine hand building with wheel throwing. Our new equipment for the ceramics studio includes Shimpo wheels, the best that money can buy! Kilns include electric, gas and Raku models. Remember that any of our studio courses are open to all. We would be happy to have you join us and take the ceramics class.


It goes without saying that this first year in the new building has been a dream come true. Classrooms are equipped with multimedia equipment complete with all the bells and whistles. Everything is computerized; we no longer have to contend with preparing trays of slides for art history and appreciation classes. The studios are fully equipped with the latest in technology. More important, however, is the level of energy and enthusiasm shown by our students. I have been impressed with the art that has been produced by students with little or no background in art. The creation of art is life-renewing and our students are better for having the opportunity to explore and produce tangible reflections of their creativity. Visit us anytime. We are grateful for the support that the community has shown for LSUA and we welcome you to the campus!