Aces Thank Cenla for a Great Season

Aces Thank Cenla for a Great Season
Eric Moran

We at the Alexandria Aces want to thank all the loyal Aces’ fans and sponsors for their contributions to a successful first year for the Aces in the Texas Collegiate League (TCL).  Although the late decision to move into the TCL did not provide another championship to the storied championship-winning history of the Aces, we believe the decision to join the TCL was right call. With the impending collapse of the former CBL, the ownership group could not allow games to be canceled or seasons to be shortened for Aces’ fans and we are pleased with our new membership in a much more stable league.

Aces Thank Cenla for a Great SeasonThe Aces are on the right path for long-term stability and are now in a league that has the potential for the long-term viability and financial success for the Aces to continue to be financially stable. Despite the negatives we faced this summer with the economy slowing, the heat, and the Aces’ losing a little more than normal, this may be the first year that the Aces’ did not lose money financially.

Aces’ fans will come to enjoy seeing future professional baseball players at Bringhurst Field and will be able to follow and track the Aces’ players during the spring at various colleges and universities. Before long, people will be able to say, “Remember him?  He used to play for the Aces,” when speaking of a future major league baseball player.

Aces Thank Cenla for a Great SeasonWith a full season knowing the future of the Aces’ organization, and a full year to search for the best collegiate players available, the Aces are sure to be more competitive next year on the field.  There are several new features that we are currently developing to help make the family-friendly experience of Aces baseball even more enjoyable and fun. We will continue to make a night at Bringhurst the most fun that it can be!

Without the fans and the local businesses support, the Aces would not have been able to continue to play at Bringhurst Field. The ownership group, players, the coaching and front office staff want to thank our loyal fans for their support this past season. It takes an entire group of people for the Aces to be successful and every Aces’ fan contributes to that success. It truly is a team effort!  See you at the ballpark!