A Gothic Evening on the Bayou at Van Gogh Gala 2017


A Gothic Evening on the Bayou at Van Gogh Gala 2017Fall is truly one of our favorite seasons here under the Oaks!  Aside from the cooler temperatures and opportunities to take a minute to admire the falling leaves, the artists and staff are in full preparation for the Annual Van Gogh Gala, where we let the creative collaborations ensue!


Community “guest” artists are paired with a Mentor Artist (River Oaks Resident Artist or local artist from the community) to collectively work on a masterpiece which will be included in an exciting live auction on the evening of the Gala.   The Van Gogh Gala is River Oaks’ premiere fund-raising event and an exciting social occasion, where we celebrate the unique and vital relationship between great artists and great patrons. “Each year, we eagerly anticipate what each featured artists will showcase! These exclusive pieces find their way into a high-spirited live auction, where attendees vie for these additions to their current collections,” adds Rachel Dauzat, Van Gogh fundraiser coordinator for over 15 years. “The Gala has a systemic element as we have had quite a few guest artists permanently discover their artistic side. However, the one-of-a-kind pieces created for this one-night-only-event is the true crowd pleaser!”


The Van Gogh Gala 2017 theme is “A Gothic Evening on the Bayou”.  While the art takes center stage, the Van Gogh Gala is known for its elaborate costumes donned by the evening’s attendees, because it’s not just the artwork that’s creative!  The 2017 Gala will center its festivities around the mysticism of the Louisiana Bayou, winding its way through the rich history and traditional folklore depictive of Southern Louisiana. Combining the tales of Marie Laveau with that of the Rougaroux, adding Feufollets fires in the swamp that may lead you home or down a road of mischief and doom, into an evening of 19th Century Gothic masquerade. Visions of women in black corsets and long dresses, men donning dark, dapper coats and debonair hats. Dark, misty swamps, old abandoned houses, the majestic cypress with its mossy draping and of course the spookiness of the tales of old. The lone cry of an owl; perhaps a spoonbill nevermore. The phantom of Edgar Allan Peaux or something more sinister? Or just an enjoyably dark version of the always evolving and ever popular Van Gogh Gala at River Oaks.


2017 guest artists are: Caroline Simons, Camille Jackson,  Ashley Liotta, Dr. Betsy Long,  Lynn Sanders,  Kyle Downs Drerup, Representative Lance Harris,  Eric Lord, Dana Brunson, Roni Kessel, Deborah Randolph,  Dixie Johnson, Frances Morrow,  Julia Welch, Carla Guillory,  Kristy Flynn, Dr. Wilton Guillory,  Jamie Yeager, Jerry Havens, Dylan Rasch, Rabbi Raina Siorty, Bradley Drell, Julia Callis, Becky Bartlett,  Sandy Patton, Dr. Lindsay Robichaux, Bobby Fields, Jessica Thacker and Evelyn Jones.


The guest artists will be paired with mentor artists, including:  Aubrey Bolen, Penny Abraham, Leah Morace, Tony Martin, Barry Owen, JoAnne K. Thompson, Laura Gates, Krista Redmond, Karen Morrow, Rhonda Reap-Curiel, Tish Fresh, Carole Steele, Denise Lott, Janet Ahrens, Jonathan Moore, Susan Corbyn, Lindsay Moore, LaDonna Hargis, Michael Elliott-Smith and Shannon Kojis Fender.


“A Gothic Evening on the Bayou” will set the tone for the evening’s festivities which will include exciting live and silent auctions, hors d’oeuvres, an open bar and of course, one-of-a-kind art.   A community favorite for over 25 years and counting, the gala celebrates our community’s most visionary arts enthusiasts!


The event will sell out, so purchase your tickets early by calling the River Oaks office at (318) 473-2670.  Tickets are $65.00 per person or $750 for one of the limited number of reserved tables. Live music with Dane Ervin! One night only on the 28th day of Octobre anno 2017, we can’t wait to see you there!


The Van Gogh Gala 2017 is presented by Rapides Regional Medical Center, Red River Bank and Alexandria Pediatric Dentistry.