8th Annual 10 Minute Play Festival


Spectral Sisters Productions proudly announces their 8th annual 10 Minute Play Festival this year.  The show, ‘Damned if You Do,’ features 10 minute plays written by local playwrights.  Covering a wide range of subjects, this year’s festival is a rather light hearted affair, featuring play:

‘Blue Agave,’ a woman finds the husband she tried to kill is more alive than ever!

‘The Truth is the Truth’ peeps into letters to a church pastor

‘Telescum’ goes behind the scene in a telemarketer’s life.

“This year, Spectral Sisters had over 30 submissions for consideration to be produced.  These 30 plays were sent to our designated reader this year, Dr. Ken Robbins.  Dr. Robbins is professor and director of Performing Arts at Louisiana Tech University.  The submissions were scored on 10 criteria on a scale of 1 to 5.  We took the top 12 scores and are producing those plays this year,” according to Dr. David Holcombe, President of SSP.

8th Annual 10 Minute Play Festival“We had some surprises,” says Allen Rowlen, VP of Productions for SSP.  “Several plays chosen by our reader are written by first time playwrights.  It’s really gratifying to see the quality of the writing improve from year to year.  This year looks to be Spectral Sisters best yet.  Last year’s efforts saw ‘Trouble Brewing’ well received by everyone, and the group was thrilled to have the founder of SSP, Tammy Killian, return to perform in our playwrights show.”

The ten minute play festivals have become an event many in the community look forward to each year.  And, SSP has attracted many artistic souls into its family.  “We have people coming in from Seattle, Washington and Florida to be a part of the show again,” Allen says, “and we appreciate that they want to spend their vacation helping us.”

This year, Spectral Sisters has 4 productions on tap.  After ‘Damned if You Do,’ the group will present ‘The Awakening of Kate Chopin,’ directed by Dan Forest, a look at the personal life of Kate Chopin during the period she wrote the now famous novel ‘The Awakening.’  The author, Rosary O’Neil, is SSP’s playwright in residence this year.   In September, a staged reading of ‘Don Juan in Hell,’ is scheduled, and a ‘Best of SSP’ is slated for November.

‘Damned if You Do’ performs on the Hearn Stage in the Kress, located at the corner of 3rd and Johnston Streets in Alexandria, June 24th – 26th at 7:30pm nightly, and closes with a 2:30pm matinee on Sunday, June 27th.    Tickets are $10.00 for adults and $6.00 for students and senior citizens.