A Whole New Day

Posted October 2011

It seems like almost everyone in the whole world wants to quit their job or retire and become a photographer.  So, what if you are a photographer and it’s time to start getting serious about what you are going to do in retirement?  Such has been my dilemma. My wife and I made our decision, […]

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Football Game Plan

Posted September 2011

It’s high school football time again and time to snap the perfect photo of your son’s big play.  No guarantees on the big play, but these tips will improve the overall quality of your football photography. First, get close.  If you have a telephoto lens, use it.  Even so, you still can’t get good shots […]

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Make Everyday Fun

Posted August 2011

Next time you go to Disneyworld, get a shot of Snow White’s shoes.  And next time you photograph your kids at the beach, take some time to shoot the crab hiding behind the sea oats.  Not every shot involves someone smiling at the camera in front of a cool background…and you don’t have to travel […]

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What Not To Do

Posted July 2011

What makes people better photographers?  Hint:  it’s not what kind of camera you have.  Everything from personality to training to interest to opportunity goes into making folks better photographers; but really it all comes down to two things…knowing what to do and what not to do.  This article will briefly cover a few of the […]

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Animal Photography

Posted June 2011

No one will ever accuse me of being a great photographer of animals.  Even my best effort, this image of my grand-dog, Squishie, is at best, marginal.  When someone asked me for some tips the other day, I had to search deep in my memory banks and remember a class on the subject. First, get […]

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Directional Light

Posted April 2011

The built-in flash on your camera is quite convenient and useful.  So, turn it off.  “Why?” you ask.  Because your photos will look so much better if you can get the light source away from the camera.  Light coming directly from the camera is the least flattering light you can use.  Look at this lovely […]

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Posted March 2011

It’s amazing how many people these days use Photoshop.  What used to be a big secret for the graphic arts, then photography worlds, now sometimes comes bundled with the software installed on new computers.  I get asked all the time why I don’t write something on it.  The reason is it is a remarkable tool […]

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If It’s Broke, Don’t Fix It

Posted February 2011

Since one of the most common questions I get is about fixing old or broken cameras, I thought it might be time to re-visit this topic from a couple of years ago.  Nothing has changed except the Google numbers are higher.  Camera repair is now at 6,250,000.  Also, the price and quality of cameras have […]

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Photos After Dark

Posted December 2010

Would it surprise you to learn this photograph was taken after dark?  Yep, it was slap dark.  In fact, there was so little street light, I had to get a passing smoker to light his lighter to give me a visible focus point.  Photos shot at night can have an eerie quality and color vibrancy […]

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Putting It All Together

Posted November 2010

In the past several months, regular readers of this column learned about simplicity, light sources away from the camera, leading lines, symmetry, cropping and the idea of not having to smile in every shot.  The image you see here demonstrates how striking the results can be when all those elements come together.  The neat thing […]

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