Your Spirit is Showing

Posted November 2016

It’s been a long, hot summer and a tough fall.  Hot, humid days all the way into October, and heated, hateful days all the way to the election.  The tasteless campaigning, the wrangling and back-biting and name-calling, and the unwanted confessions.  We’ve been flooded, not only with nature’s wrath, but flooded with uncouth, un-civil words.  […]

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Whose Pictures Are On Your Refrigerator?

Posted October 2016

Who or what do you value most? Whose picture is on your refrigerator? Probably your children or grandchildren, spouse and maybe a few friends.  And, of course, the Saints or LSU game schedule.   Matthew in the New Testament captures a great truth in a brief sentence: “You are more value than many sparrows” (Matthew […]

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The Magic of Words

Posted September 2016

Words can be dangerous and can tear a person apart.  Yet words can also be a real blessing when we use them to compliment or encourage someone, or to bring peace when a person is in despair. I remember so well when my Mama died.  It was a blustery cold day in January as we […]

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Looking For Answers?

Posted August 2016

Everywhere you turn, you run into rhetoric about the latest killing or political situation or racism.  Bad things always seem to make the news, and it’s easy to get a warped view of today’s world.  I’m not blind to the evil in the world; I’m saying we have to be careful not to let it […]

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God Didn’t Call Us to Be Religious

Posted July 2016

I like rituals.  They can be beautiful and very meaningful.  They help us to identify ourselves.  I will say more about that in next month’s issue.  Right now, I am saying that we have to be careful not to let rituals and the trappings of religion become the main menu.   I visited a man […]

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Listening to the Higher Self

Posted June 2016

When I was pastor of a certain church, a family had an outstanding dog named “Spiff”.  He was known throughout the community as very talented and well-trained.  Spiff would sit on his hind legs on the stool and pound the piano keys with his paws, howling as loud and as “off key” as he could.  […]

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I Owe A Lot to Negative Events

Posted May 2016

I joined the Navy two weeks after high school graduation in 1944.  Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg, Mississippi was my next stop (to be inducted, starched and ironed), and then on to Camp Wallace, Texas—between Houston and Galveston—for boot camp.  It was the hottest place on Earth that summer, no doubt.   Camp Wallace was thrown […]

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Let Your Soul Catch Up

Posted April 2016

“A number of men who made their living as porters were hired one day to carry a huge load of supplies for a group on safari. Their loads were unusually heavy and the trek through the jungle was on a rough path. Several days into the journey, they stopped, unshouldered their loads and refused to […]

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This Is Living

Posted March 2016

We recently experienced a loss in the Hankins house.  That’s right, a member of our family has passed.  Just yesterday, I received a text from my wife, it went something like this: “I think the bunny died.” Our eldest daughter, Avery, had a pet bunny, and for some reason or another, Thumperella Funnelcake Hankins (aka […]

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Potholes In Our Ancestry

Posted March 2016

I visited a friend recently, Dr. Peter Forest, who lives on the Texas side of Toledo Bend( next door to my sons’ camp).  Dr. Forest, 79, is a nice enigma.  He’s retired from doctoring, but he’s not retired from the computer, where he types daily.  There are stacks and stacks of paper with his personal […]

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