Greater Cenla Progress Report

Posted March 2017

Central Louisiana is poised for continued economic growth and progress, according to city development leaders. From a nearly $4 million river front improvement project in historic Natchitoches to major construction projects underway at Fort Polk in Vernon Parish to planned industrial park developments in Rapides and Avoyelles parishes, Cenla’s economic future looks bright.   Jim […]

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Cenla’s New Year’s Resolutions!

Posted January 2017

It’s that time of the year when soulful resolutions are being made, promises made to ourselves for the New Year.  Hope springs up from our inner being as we embrace the newness of a calendar year. New Year’s Day brings a fresh start, a new chapter in each of our lives to be written. Some […]

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Christmas Across Cenla

Posted December 2016

It’s the season of merriment, deck the halls, jingle bells and homemade cookies. It’s Christmas in Cenla, the time of the year where wonder, magic and awe intertwine. Central Louisiana residents are making plans with family and friends alike as they prepare to celebrate the holiday. In our region, there is a plethora of celebrations […]

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Fort St. Jean Baptiste: the Start of Cenla Commerce

Posted November 2016

Fort St. Jean Baptiste was established over 300 years ago by French explorers. This outpost on the colonial frontier not only served as a military installation to protect France’s position in the New World, but also functioned as the 18th century capital of trade and commerce in we know today as Cenla.

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Tamales Cenla Style

Posted October 2016

There is just something about a tamale. Tamales are more than just a favorite food. There is an art to making tamales, from daubing the layer of masa onto a corn husk to filling the masa with savory meat to rolling the delicious packet. It takes time and patience to make tamales correctly. In many […]

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Higher Education in Cenla

Posted September 2016

Today, more than ever, a higher education may not only set a student on a successful career path, but can prepare the student for a competitive global job market. Albert Einstein once said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” With the world’s economy as it is, […]

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Single in Cenla

Posted August 2016

Singles in Cenla, especially those living in small towns, often have trouble connecting with other single folks.  The dating scene can be a nightmare.  Online dating websites can make your head spin with the many choices. Challenges arise for singles to meet other singles, whether they are in their 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s or […]

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Cenla’s Women in Business

Posted July 2016

A number of months ago, as I accompanied an elected official on a tour of Union Tank Car, I noticed a young woman welding on the factory line and stopped to talk to her. She told me that she was a divorced mother of three who had struggled to make it after her husband left. […]

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Cenla-ian of the Year 2016: Paul White

Posted June 2016

Some people just stand out. They are like cream that rises to the top. Paul White, Sr., is just that kind of guy.  He has been called a “man for the ages” in Cenla, and has received accolades by many organizations for his service to the community. This month, he can add one more. White […]

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2016 Best of Cenla Readers Choice Awards

Posted May 2016

This year, we award the Best of Cenla Reader’s Choice Awards for the 11th time!  Competition was fierce yet again this year, with winners representing the very best in Food, Sports, Education, Attractions, Leadership, Shopping, Entertainment, Media and more as chosen by you, our loyal readers!  You have spoken, and the time has come to […]

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