Posted October 2010

One day after adjusting the lights, getting out all sorts of props, rattling things, shaking things, singing songs… well basically acting stupid, I just wasn’t sure I had the perfect photo I knew my client wanted.  Time to try outside.  We walked out.  Mom threw the little fellow in the air.  He said, “Whee!”  I […]

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The Art of the Crop

Posted September 2010

You have two opportunities to decide what will be included in your photographs.  The first is when you actually take the picture.  The other, often overlooked, opportunity is the ability to crop before you print or otherwise use your photo.  Many people only think of “cropping out” bad stuff, but there is much more to […]

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Posted August 2010

      – Reflections can make creating striking images simple.  Nature and physics do all the work for you.  All you have to do is train yourself to look for naturally occurring mirror images, get yourself in the right position and snap the picture.  Well, technically, it can be a little harder.  You have […]

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The Pros’ Secret

Posted July 2010

We professional photographers have lots of tools in our bag of tricks.  We spend most of our hard earned money buying all sorts of things for the sole purpose of making you look good.  There is one tool that, used properly, can make us look like geniuses because it makes you or your children look […]

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Beauty in Symmetry

Posted June 2010

While hiking through Arizona’s Painted Desert the other day, my wife and I met a nice couple from New Jersey.  When they found out we were from Louisiana, they wanted to know about the food and Katrina.  When they found out I am a photographer, they wanted lessons.  Framing a shot of the rock you […]

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Breakin’ All the Rules

Posted May 2010

Photography has lots of rules.  Generally speaking, the more of them you know, the better your photography will be.  But once you know them, you can break them.  That’s when photography gets really fun.  Take a look at this photo.  All sorts of fun rule breaking, but it works. First, my all time favorite rules […]

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