Reach Your Savings Goals

Elissa Constance

The most important way to ensure your long-term financial success is to make savings a habit.  Saving does not have to be complicated. Payroll deduction is one way to make saving easy and convenient. Have your employer automatically deposit funds from your paycheck into your La Cap Savings account, and watch your money grow.  If direct deposit is not available through your employer, your credit union can transfer money from your checking account into your savings account automatically.  Here’s another tip:  if you know what you are saving for, you are more likely to be successful.  Determine your short, medium and long term goals.  Most Americans do not have adequate emergency savings (about $2,000) for unexpected expenses.  To learn how long it will take to reach your saving goals, check out the savings calculator at   Let La Cap help you make a difference in your financial well-being.  Get started on a savings plan today!

For more information on how La Cap can help you reach your savings goals, visit or call (800) 522-2748.