CASA Volunteer: Richard Bailly


Richard was born in New York City shortly before WWII began.  Later, his family moved to Massachusetts where he grew up, went to Catholic high school and later entered the Jesuit order.  He earned bachelor and master’s degrees at Fordham University during the time that he was a religious brother.  He was a secondary school teacher of Latin and social studies.  Richard later left the order, became a husband and father of four children and eventually an attorney, which led him to CASA and the belief that he could provide CASA children a substantial benefit to both the children and the court that need the services. 

As a teacher, child support probation officer and legal aid lawyer, Richard developed a sensitivity to human need and a concern for doing the right thing personally and seeing “the system “do the right thing.  Richard says that the real attraction of CASA for him was “the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child who deserves a genuine break in a world which often does not give a lot of people breaks.”  Richard is currently working his second CASA case.


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