Cane River Artists: Doing the ‘Art Thing’, and Loving It


Do you love art?  Do you want to experience some of the most beautiful, original art creations to be found anywhere?  Do you want to meet these incredible artists?  If you answered ‘yes’, then be at Oakland Plantation on Saturday, October 9th to enjoy the art of the Cane River Artists. 

Cane River Artists is comprised of seven women who live in the Cane River area.  Their talents and creativity will astound the viewer.  Stunning oil, watercolor and acrylic paintings evoke childhood memories, or tell a story of life experiences reminiscent of a different time.  Bold, energy-filled images swirl from the canvas, taking the admirer to fantastical places, or to more introspective, thought-provoking areas of the heart.  Exquisite porcelain serves as the perfect backdrop for a cherished moment captured forever.

Visitors will be completely taken with the whimsical polymer clay figures and wearable art that showcase the delightful creativity of the artist.  Beautifully intricate hand-made art quilts tell a story or paint a portrait in bright swaths of fabric.  Irresistible, quirky three-dimensional art boxes capture the eye, and mesmerize the imagination.

Wooden creations made from trees destined to be destroyed release the beauty of the natural wood, giving a new and lasting life to a small part of nature’s bounty.

The incredible creations of the Cane River Artists will be on display at Oakland Plantation on Saturday, October 9th.  Original art, art prints and cards will be available for purchase.

A true artist “does art” because she “can’t not do art”!  The Cane River Artists are doing art – and loving it!