Rapides CASA Volunteer: William Morris


William has been a CASA volunteer since 2003. He says that he is a volunteer because CASA provides children who are abused or neglected with a voice, which for a long time they did not have. William was born in Mississippi but has lived all over the country as the son of an Air Force father. Following high school, college and various employments, William became a Louisiana State trooper. Having been retired for some time, William wanted to do something to help children with his time. As a trooper, he often noticed that children he interacted with had no one to stand up for them and be their voice. He feels that with his background in law enforcement, his degree in criminal justice combined with his other community work, that he can be an asset to children who have no voice. William is proud to serve the families to which he is appointed with tremendous dedication.

For more information about how you can become a Court Appointed Special Advocate, call Rapides CASA at (318) 445-5678.